Good Divorce Week

This may seem a bizarre title and in the run up to Christmas an inappropriate one, however this week, 30 November to 4 December, is Resolution’s National awareness week.

I am a proud member of Resolution which is an organisation of family lawyers who promote and advocate a conciliatory and non-adversarial approach to family matters such as divorce and arrangements for children.

All members must sign up to a code of conduct and endeavour to progress client matters according to the code whilst also protecting a client’s interest.

Good divorce week is part of that awareness, as whilst it may not be nice to end any relationship it is possible to do that in a “good” way.

Whilst no fault divorce isn’t yet available, it is now just around the corner. However parties can separate and with sensible advice early on, can ensure that the issues do not end up being confrontational and therefore expensive.

If you are facing a separation then please do get in contact and I can assist you with the separation in a positive way.

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