Are you co-parenting after separation?

Do you have a child aged 4 -12? If so the University of Cambridge Centre for Family Research would like to hear from you.

A new study has been launched which aims to find out about the experiences of families who have shared parenting agreements in respect of their children following separation or divorce.

The study is the first in the UK to explore family life, family relationships and child development as well as the children’s perspective of “shared” or “co-parenting”

To be able to take part you must have a child between 4-12 years old, have been separated for at least 6 months and both maintain regular contact with the children.

Taking part in the study involves being interviewed, filing in questionnaires and a parent -child activity.

Dont worry participation is confidential and does not require co-parents to take part. Children are also invited to take part if they wish.

As a thank you there is a gift voucher available.

I attach the link and hope that people will join so that the research can assist us family lawyers, the courts and society upon things that may or may not work in the best interests of the children.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr Sarah Foley on or 01223 762841.

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