Parenting through Covid 19

Whatever type of childcare arrangement you have Covid 19 will at some stage have an impact upon your family. For those in one household this may involve home schooling or simply ensuring the children stay safe and sane from the lockdown conditions imposed upon them.

For the family where a child or children has two homes there is more of a challenge. In my opinion communication is the key along with common sense. These are unprecedented times and where there is any risk parents must follow the medical advice that has been published by the Government regarding self isolation.

The welfare of any child is paramount, parents need to remember that and do what they consider is best for their child. This is not a time for point scoring to try and grab additional nights here and there, or to punish the other parent in some way by frustrating orders, this is a time for doing what is right and appropriate in your particular circumstance. Respect the other parents point of view and try and see it from their position, if there is disagreement that have such conversations away from the children. Communicate sensibly perhaps now if things are worrying you as opposed to waiting until perhaps a child or individual becomes unwell forcing self isolation.

Help each other, support each other, these are difficult times for all. 24 hour isolation care for 14 days in the house with no ability to see family, friends other than through an electrical device will be a challenge for anyone.

Advice has been given that children should continue to enjoy shared contact if that is the arrangement that they are used to, whether by court order or by agreement. Keep making it work.

If it is not possible to facilitate the contact or return of a child due to isolation requirements then ensure that sensible communication takes place and Facetime, Skype and telephone are used to keep contact going.

All of the various links and most recent advice is contained in the following published by CAFCASS.

Should you have any further queries then please do telephone me on 07500 105746

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