Outrage! You don’t know what you’re doing!

As is most things these days, I received the news via Twitter that Nigel Adkins had been sacked by Southampton. Shocked and outraged were my immediate emotions. I babbled to my wife about my disgust and confusion! Wrong audience!

I went back to Twitter and Sky Sports just to see if I was dreaming. Bam! Southampton have now appointed a new manager, already! I am now shocked and dazed, who is the new chap, surely Strachan hadn’t changed his mind, perhaps Pep Guardiola fancies a warm up before Bayern job.

No Mauricio Pochettino, who?! I will naturally give him the support any fan would to their club, bar Chelsea, but surely a full explanation from our chairman is required. The short statement about the direction of the club and young players has already been achieved and is continuing. We have a 17-year-old left back who is already the next huge talent to come off the conveyor belt with a number of others in the wings.

Mr Cortese has made some strange decisions in the past and timing is not his strong point see Pardew sacking after beating Bristol Rovers 4-0, but I have to say that worked out well with Adkins appointment, back to back promotions and now 15th in Premier League and on the way up.

I think we should all judge our new manager at the end of the season and also the chairman. By then I hope the press office will have pictures in red shirt and not the blue jumper he wore today.

To Nigel Adkins a massive thank you for all that you have achieved at the club and the success you have brought, take the club to a tribunal and get a decent payoff, you deserve every penny. Just a shame it will not be spent on helping the Club forward by being used on a new player!

I hope we wont be singing “You don’t know what you’re doing!” come May but if relegation happens clearly questions must be asked!

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