Whatever happened to the clock and time?

This is my rant. I have tried to get the exact time today without phoning the speaking clock. I knew my bus this morning was running late but how late? My watch was slow, I knew that as the battery needs changing so it loses 5 minutes a day, the clock in the car was fast as I hate being late.

My two mobile phones both iPhones and set to UK GMT give different times, why don’t they say the same time, they are synched to the same computer?

I get to work and my clock on my lap top gave a different time, the office phone another. The BBC website gave another.

My sky tv box gives another time but the box in another room gives a different time.

I may only be talking about minutes and seconds in some cases but with everything capable of being synched surely technology should be able to link everything to GMT if we are in the UK.

I suppose that I don’t have a leg to stand on when my daughter says five more minutes to bed time, the fact she is clever enough to use a different clock to gain those extras minutes is worth a try.

Please can technology sort it out I just want to know the exact time.

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