Make Sure it is not the season to make lawyers jolly!

Traditionally the media will have you believe that all relationships breakdown over the Christmas period and that the first week of January is boom time for us family lawyers with 7th January touted as D-Day (Divorce Day)

Many relationships do break down over this artificial period, as couples spend significant periods of time together outside of their normal routines, with financial pressures and other demands causing stress and anxiety.

But here are a few top tips for making the festive period go as smoothly as possible so that you will hopefully maintain a good and at least civil relationship whether that is ultimately to be together or apart:

Beware of alcohol!

Think before you drink! It is not an excuse to say or do things which you may later live to regret.

Put the children first!

They don’t want to see parents arguing or fighting as this may have a detrimental impact upon them not just for this Christmas but possibly for further years to come. Remember the Den and Sharon Watts scene in Eastenders and the impact it had on their daughter Sharon?

Respect each other!

Especially if you have children, respect the fact that the children cannot be in two places at once. They can have a great second Christmas day. Be positive about the other parent and about the time they spend with them. The children will be happier if they are not treading on egg shells for fear of upsetting a parent.

If the relationship does breakdown and you have to remain under the same roof, be civil and sensible. Freezing bank accounts in haste when not appropriate can cause you both difficulties particularly with cash flow at this time of year.

Destroying possessions may seem a good vent for your anger or frustration but remember there is a cost implication which will be increased significantly when lawyers get involved.

If the New Years resolution is for a separation be sure you have explored the options for reconciliation through Relate or marriage guidance alternatives before phoning a lawyer.   

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