Gay marriage, not a matter of conscience, but now in a comic!

Further to my blog last month on Gay marriage, a social acceptance, ( the issue continues to rumble on and despite not generating the column inches that the Leverson enquiry or economy have, it can still be found in most papers every day.

Having read Nick Clegg’s comments that “voting on gay marriage should not be left to MP’s consciences” and that he “is not asking any person with religious convictions to sacrifice anything”,  he confirmed his MP’s would back legislation legalising same-sex marriages, in comparison to the Tory party where MP’s will have a free vote on the issue.

However I was very surprised to read that the first gay marriage is due to take place in a mainstream comic as Northstar is about to tie the knot with his long-term partner Kyle in the next issue of Astonishing X-Men.

With US president Barack Obama recently pledging his support for gay marriage it would appear that Marvel has decided that now is the right time for young people to embrace lesbian and gay relationships – or are they just jumping on the bandwagon?  Whilst LGBT campaigners welcome the storyline, there is naturally opposition, with the American Family Association online campaign ‘One Million Moms’ saying Marvel are “using superheroes to confuse children.”

The Canadian mutant who can move and fly at the speed of light (would that not be more confusing for children?) revealed that he was gay back in 1992. His partner of three years Kyle has no amazing powers. Marvel are keeping under wraps the actual story line but lets hope nobody upsets the Hulk or Wolverine at the reception!


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