Hopping mad!

Further to my blog http://bit.ly/Hh38ir about the baby robins, I now have five fledglings hopping around the garden.  I had no idea that they left the nest so early but I soon realised that something was different as the dog went into over drive chasing the scents of the five chicks which had scattered around the garden.

Thankfully I was able to capture her and bring her quickly back inside as I noticed a little hoping ball of fluff. Plenty of time has been wasted looking out the window trying to locate the chicks which can only be spotted when the parents swoop down to continue to feed them.

So dog is barred from the garden, children press hand and face prints against the window to try to spot them and the wife is dashing in and out to ward off the cats. I hope they start flying soon, could be embarrassing if the lawns are not cut this weekend!



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