Panic buying or sensible precaution?

As petrol prices continue to rise is the Governments statement, that we should ensure we are fully stocked up with petrol in case there is a tanker drivers strike, a cunning plan to get us to spend more money boost the economy and enhance the taxes paid through fuel duty?

I do not doubt that there may be some merit in the tanker drivers union seeking to strike at a time which would cause considerable inconvenience over the Easter holidays but are we a Nation which panic buys or that we take sensible precautions?

As I drove out of Bath last night I passed 3 petrol stations all with packed forecourts and lengthy queues, the same sight again this morning. Ordinarily I can pull into anyone of these and arrive at a pump without a delay.

Whilst I accept that cars do provide a lifeline for many and I imagine that if my independence and ability to travel to get to people or a place was curtailed then I may see things differently but with a week to go and only the potential of strike action it would seem a bit early to be panicking.

As a Brit I know that as a Nation we stockpile in times of perceived crisis, it begins to snow and the supermarkets sell out of bread, milk and tea bags in record time.  At Christmas when the shops shut for a day we buy more food and drink that we will ever need just in case we cannot get it.  We take the freedom and availability for granted.

Is this the same when UK expats go abroad where often such items such as food, petrol may not be so available or do we become more relaxed about such issues?


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