Mystery benefactors and legal costs

It is with great interest that I read about Michelle Young returning her divorce case to the High Court before Mr Justice Mostyn, not just because of the historical record maintenance package that she was awarded just over five years ago, but the fact that she now has a mystery benefactor who has promised unlimited funds to her to help pursue her former husband.

Scot Young had made a fortune as a deal “fixer” for Russian oligarchs and British billionaires and at the time of the hearing was estimated to have a £400million fortune. At the time of the divorce Ms Young was awarded Britain’s biggest maintenance award of £27,500 a month, in addition to the private school fees for the couples’ two daughters.

Mr Young declared himself bankrupt and Ms Young has had her suspicions that Mr Young has hidden assets around the world and used a number of friends to assist him in this purely to defeat her claims. She has spent what money she has pursuing him through the courts to no avail, but now following the involvement of a mystery benefactor she claims she will get the justice she deserves.

She has indicated the identity of the benefactor would be made clear after the hearing and conclusion of the case, surely the individual will wish to remain anonymous or else face numerous requests for financial support for willing causes. I often have family members stepping in to assist clients with their fees, but for the benefactor to suggest an unlimited fund to find the hidden millions, I would suggest he, or she, has very deep pockets as lawyers don’t come cheap!


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