Friend in need of a divorce.

It’s been a tough week. A close family friend has decided to separate from her husband. It has not been nice seeing her in such turmoil and she and my wife have been constantly on the phone to each other or texting. It’s made me think how important friends and family are when you need an emotional crutch.

Divorce or separation can be very traumatic, even if it’s actually what you want. It can be a big step into the unknown. Lawyers should be there to guide and support clients but what happens to those clients who havent got friends or family to talk to aswell?

Some clients will use their lawyers for that support – calling every day and emailing. It is clearly how the client copes but at what expense? As a lawyer we charge for receiving and considering those communications. It is never a problem or inconvenienceĀ for me to talk to a client daily, quite often out of normal business hours if that is what they need but for many I genuinely worry that they have no one else they can talk to.

I am more than happy to pay this months phone bill as I am glad our friend is getting the emotional support she needs.

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