Chelsea v Arsenal in the Courts and not on the pitch.

The High Court began hearing evidence this week from Russian Oilgarch Boris Berezovsky and his claim for more than £3billion in damages from Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich.

The massive claim has arisen out of a failed business venture between the two individuals where Mr Berezovsky is claiming a breach of trust and breach of contract after apparently being “intimidated” into selling Mr Abramovich shares in a Russian oil company, Sibneft, at a significant discount.

The case which is likely to last two months has already seen Arsenal fan Berezovsky claim that Abramovich was “not smart” but then suggest he was  a “genius” at manipulating people by appearing “humble and getting people to like him” has attracted huge public and press interest.

Chelsea owner Abramovich will not want to lose to a supporter of north London football rivals Arsenal as they battle out their dispute in the UK courts despite their nationalities and the subject matter of the dispute.

Whether Mr Berezovsky is short of some money following his recently settled divorce is questionable given his estimated wealth of £1billion, but compared to Abramovich’s £10.3billion fortune he has more to lose from an unsuccessful outcome.

We will wait and watch with interest..


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