Divorce Insurance. It’s here!

When reading the Law Society Gazette I noticed the front page article “Divorce insurance” offer, http://bit.ly/pkKUeH This indicates that it will soon be available here in the UK.

This reminded me of my blog in January about Prenups and Divorce Insurance  http://bit.ly/mXLCdu . I remain curious as to what information is required by the insurer when completing the application forms. What factors are taken into consideration when deciding upon the premium? Given the number of questions you receive about car insurance and medical insurance, will this application form be a document that can be disclosed in years to come if it were to contain some probing questions which would surely affect the setting of the premium.

According to the German based insurer ARAG from September it will pay out if a prenuptial agreement is subject to a legal challenge.  The premium is a flat rate £500 per annum and is already a commonly used in Germany and Spain. This assumes that couples will need to enter into a prenup before taking out the policy. What about those who may have been married for say a year, 5 years or even longer? Are they not able to take out a policy or does this have the potential for abuse and false claims?

With the decision in the Radmacher case the courts are more likely to now uphold a properly prepared prenup agreement. Will the insurer insist upon a prenup and what happens with regard to future events that may not be covered such as the couple having children or receiving unexpected windfalls etc.

I will do what I can to try to obtain an application form and policy and publish it here soon.

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