Super Injunctions and how to keep a secret!

I have read with interest almost on a daily basis about the super injunctions in place trying to keep certain information about individuals or their companies private, but does it come back to the rules of keeping a secret that you learn during childhood.

As a child a secret pact will be created between two friends or siblings either when they have done something wrong or there is the need to hide something. The trust is usually broken when one, under pressure from a parent or teacher, spills the beans usually to try to deflect blame.

Boys and Girls will have different secrets but many of these secrets will be shared as there are no consequences for their actions at that age, save for a temporary loss of friendship or some level of embarrassment. As we get older we make judgements of our friends and acquaintances about what information we tell them and their ability to keep such information secure. We learn how to manage the risk of information sharing.

We learn that the more people who know about something the less likely that the information will be kept private. Perhaps the only differences now being the permanent loss of friendship as opposed to temporary, the embarrassment may be on a larger scale but an additional factor in that there may also be financial implications or consequences.

Any action involving two people whether of a sexual nature or business nature for that matter relies upon both parties having complete trust in the other to keep such a relationship or agreement private between themselves.

For every person engaged in such activity there carries a risk that the other will spill the beans whether directly to a close friend or relative or perhaps in cases involving those of a higher profile to a publicist or perhaps the press directly. People talk or gossip and will always want to compare themselves to others and be genuinely interested in what other people are doing. There can be innocent passing of information and those who seek to do so maliciously perhaps for their own personal gain.

Whether innocently or maliciously passed, once the information is shared then this increases the numbers of individuals who know about it. Most people will probably not be interested unless the actions directly impacted upon their own lives somehow and not everyone would seek to publicise the details to the world at large but either out of spite or, in today’s climate, financial gain there will be some who seek to do so.

Whilst the full story may not be published worldwide and be gagged by a super injunction, or exposed upon Twitter, there will be many friendships and families that suffer as a result a trust being broken.

In today’s climate there is risk management carried out with everything that we do and many of these skills are learned through our childhood experiences. Some clearly have more to learn than others.

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